Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Save the date (for under £20)

I did consider being more eco and economical by sending 'Save the date' emails to family and friends, but I like the idea of putting one up on the fridge/calendar/mantel, so in the end we chose small cards with a small cost - under £20! I was keen to make our 'Save the date' match our invitations, so we had to choose our overall design way in advance. I love handmade prints and needed one that could be 'mass produced' easily, so I was happy when I found a pretty design in the form of a wood block!

Antique Indian Wood Floral Print Block  from

My print using burgundy acrylic paint

A selection of the print to use on the card design

On I created 'business card' size cards by uploading this image for the front, and adding our 'Save the date' text to the back. A box of 50 cost around £12, so with small envelopes and stamps these came to under £20!

The finished cards ready to post!

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