Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Ethical engagement rings

Diamonds are a girl's best friend...but what if she likes to shop ethically? If you're choosing a diamond engagement ring you may want to consider where the diamond has come from.

For new rings it’s best to get a guarantee from a jeweller that their diamonds are conflict-free diamonds. For more information on ethical diamonds here's a useful article: 'How to steer clear of blood diamonds'.

Another option is choose an antique ring which allows you to be eco-friendly by re-using resources. Antique rings also offer you a wider range of traditional designs not often used in modern rings.

My fiancé and I chose an Edwardian engagement ring together from a local antique jeweller because we like how pre-loved diamonds are ethical, plus I love the style of vintage cluster settings.

We really enjoyed the experience of finding my ring, especially as we were looking for a ruby/diamond ring and one had just arrived, in my size...it was meant to be! It was two weeks before Christmas and we were warmed not only by mince pies and mulled wine, but their caring service too. If you're in Devon I recommend the reputable Mortimers Jewellers, a family run business in Exeter, for a high quality range of antique rings.

Mortimers rings are available in both original and new settings in platinum, 18ct white and yellow gold. They have a large stock of ladies and gents wedding rings in platinum, 22, 18 and 9 ct gold, plain or engraved styles; and also provide wedding rings handmade to order.

To find an antique ring try your local antique jewellers or search for an online shop selling antique jewellery.