Thursday, 22 December 2011

Fran and Nathan's Wedding

We had the pleasure of being a part of our friends Fran and Nathan's wedding day on 3rd December, in Exeter. Their joyful ceremony in Belmont Chapel had a festive touch when during the signing of the register a choir started singing Christmas carols spontaniously (reminded me of a scene from Love Actually!).

With nearly 300 guests the atmosphere was buzzing! After the ceremony we all had tea and cakes, a warming treat that showed the community spirit of the event as the cakes had been made by friends.

They had a lively reception in the fabulous function rooms at Exeter Castle, which were decorated with bunting and fairy lights which looked magical.

There was a lovely personal touch to everything and their scrabble theme was cleverly used in many ways (as you can see below in my instagrammed pics!).

Handmade order of service booklet

 The happy newlyweds

 The wedding VW!

Exeter Castle

Handmade bunting bar

 Amazing room lit with fairy lights and bottles as candle holders

 Amazing scrabble themed wedding cake

 The Groom's cufflinks

Gifts thoughtfully wrapped

Congratulations Fran and Nathan!

More scrabble ideas...

Cut out the letters to make your own words for messages on cards!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Save the date (for under £20)

I did consider being more eco and economical by sending 'Save the date' emails to family and friends, but I like the idea of putting one up on the fridge/calendar/mantel, so in the end we chose small cards with a small cost - under £20! I was keen to make our 'Save the date' match our invitations, so we had to choose our overall design way in advance. I love handmade prints and needed one that could be 'mass produced' easily, so I was happy when I found a pretty design in the form of a wood block!

Antique Indian Wood Floral Print Block  from

My print using burgundy acrylic paint

A selection of the print to use on the card design

On I created 'business card' size cards by uploading this image for the front, and adding our 'Save the date' text to the back. A box of 50 cost around £12, so with small envelopes and stamps these came to under £20!

The finished cards ready to post!